Home  |  Vacancies   |  FAQ’s  |  Contact Us 2014 Micro Finance Unit. Another Design by: The Advertising Agency HOME  The Micro Finance Unit (MFU) is a semi-autonomous body  under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to  facilitate the institutional development of the local micro  finance sector. The Unit was established under IFAD Loan  (Rural Finance and Enterprise Development Programme)Act  2010.This is a six year, country-wide initiative, jointly financed  by the Government of Swaziland (GoS) and the International  Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).   The total direct Programme cost is USD 9.315 million.  Of this  IFAD contributes USD 6.0 million (64%) and the GoS USD  2.290 million (25%). In addition, target groups and associated beneficiaries would contribute in  kind USD 1.025 million (11%) for direct participation in the Programme. The Programme entered  into force on September 30, 2010 and will conclude on September 29, 2016. The Programme responds to a critical need to develop on-farm and off-farm business opportunities  for the rural poor through capacity building of technical and business skills along with the  extension of mechanisms to increase access to rural financial services.  Goal: To reduce poverty and contribute to the overall economic development of poor rural  households in Swaziland. Purpose: To increase incomes, improve business opportunities and augment access to  sustainable rural financial services for the rural poor. Objectives: To provide the rural poor with access to efficient and effective financial services on  a sustainable basis; to develop en enabling and enhanced environment for business  development in rural areas; and, to establish/develop micro and small-scale enterprises (on  and off-farm) as well as business services in rural areas. Targeting:The Programme’s target groups are; a) the most vulnerable and marginalised groups, HIV and AIDS affected households, orphans, child-headed households and subsistence  producers; b) active poor households that can seize income-generating opportunities if  orchestrated support and mentoring is provided and c) households aspiring to develop small-  scale enterprises. Read More Mentoring and Coaching Support training of trainers for local service providers to facilitate mentoring and coaching for the participating entrepreneurs. Carry-out field visits to monitor the performance of the entrepreneurs and conduct periodic Business Clinics to address key constraining factors and link participating entrepreneurs to the value chain players. Information  Platforms Establish business data needs for the entrepreneurs, markets and financiers and determine more cost-effective mechanisms for the generation and dissemination of such data. News Letter - January
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